3 songs that have hijacked my brain

SO. Since witnessing the antics of Little Stolen Moments a week and a half ago, and promptly stalking them on the internet, I cannot stop listening to this song from Wild Beasts. It’s “All the King’s Men,” and it backs LSM’s sort-of-amazing dance music video.

“All the King’s Men” by Wild Beasts

God, Tom Fleming’s voice. It’s like a big bassy lullaby.

In the midst of this ethereal, forest nymph-laden music video, is anyone else thrown off by the line “you’re birthing machines?” (minute 2:45). When I first heard it, I was like – DOES IT REALLY SAY THAT? As a matter of fact, it does.

Next up: local faves, the Black and White Years. The new video for their song “Two Reservoirs” just dropped, and damned if it hasn’t grown on me! Here’s a link to the digital version of the song for purchase.

“Two Reservoirs” by Black and White Years

Isn’t it a good driving song? I think it’s the whistling.

Finally, I received this video a very long time ago from local band Zest of Yore, and always liked it. (Do you ever open up an email from someone, chuckle or nod in appreciation, then move on without responding? I’ll admit I do that WAY too often). Anyway, I discovered yesterday that my friend Chad filmed it, and the whole thing is pretty darn lovable. Now I can’t stop humming.

“The Rejects” by Zest of Yore

If you like that pop rock, Big Star-meets-The Dandy Warhols sound, Zest of Yore has a gig at Mohawk January 28.

Austinites: What band/songs are you obsessed with right now? I’m not too proud to say some Lady Gaga is rattling around in there, too.