Where gardening and Gatsby meet: The Austin Garden Party

If I could project myself back in time, I:

Would be a teenager in the 1920’s.
Would learn card tricks.
Would use slang words like “cake eater” and “glad rags.”
Would wear boas.
Would be more of a Clara Bow than a Marlene Deitrich. (Marlene…I wish.)

ROWR. Who’s with me on this one? I nominate the ’20s gals as the sexiest of 20th century decades. The ’60s get all the attention. But think about it: these ladies had more clothes on, couldn’t drink half the time, and played in movies that were silent. It took WORK to be alluring. Whereas in 1969, I’m pretty sure you could go to the grocery store topless.

Anyway, if you concur, or if you are a fan of things like Second Sunday Sock Hop, then I have a secret for you. It’s Gatsby this Sunday.


Liberty on the east side.
Doors at 6pm, cover $5.
Swingin’ 20s and 2000s tunes by Richard Gear.
Photo booth by Trevor Ray Thompson.
Door cover enters you in a drawing for plant prizes, a $50 gift certificate to Breed, and – lest we forget Prohibition – bottles of rum.
In addition to getting fancy, you’ll be supporting sustainable living and urban gardening.

RSVP here on Facebook.

Austin Eavesdropper will be there, boa (and wink) in full-effect.

(Me with blond hair. So weird to see now??)