Tomorrow night, we join the Metric system

So, Metric is playing here in Austin tomorrow night at La Zona Rosa, and good God there’s been a lot of buzz about it. As we were discussing last week, I frequently talk about stuff here in town with the subtle implication that self is DEFINITELY attending (when in fact self has not yet purchased a ticket); this is actually one of those times when ticket order has been secured. Metric is a little bit magical, and when you read from their bio what frontwoman Emily Haines did during a show last year, I think you’ll see why:

“Haines had an epiphany during that Phoenix show — she didn’t want to be sad anymore. And she didn’t want to play those songs. So, about 40 minutes into the show, she stopped “Dr. Blind” mid-verse and said just that: “I don’t want to play these songs anymore.” Instead, she spent the next half hour talking to her fans, encouraging them to join her at the piano on stage and, for the grand finale, pulling a kid from the audience for an impromptu duet on Metric’s “Live It Out.”

I love that.

You can still buy Metric tickets here while they last.

Here is Metric’s song “Help I’m Alive,” enjoyable two ways.