No sleep for the weary! Combo Plate and…Fun Fun Fun, What What What

First of all.

Thanks SO MUCH for everyone who came out to our little Bleet-Up last night at Mohawk! Many of you braved a line, many of you danced with me while the bands played, many of you introduced yourselves and were just so cute, genuine and wonderful. Both bloggers and non. I freaking love this city.

A full-on Cory Ryan pic-littered post will be ours shortly on Austin Eavesdropper, but until then, I wanted to remind you of two things you probably need no reminding about.

The Combo-Plate, hosted by Cherrypeel, is tonight at the Scoot-Inn. You want a dance party? They got your dance party.

And then, tomorrow, this:

I will be there tomorrow, capturing “Booze Interviews” for Austinist on our handy flip-cam. Should be pretty entertaining. Especially if you’re one of the drunk people I interview.