Going rouge: Red lips in Austin, Texas

For the past few days Reader, I’ve been in an introspective sort of mood. As a result, I have been tempted to write something, like, deep and relevant on this blog. A treatise on single-payer health care systems. Our conflicted relationship with The Domain. An examination of our local economy both through the eyes of a food trailer owner, and a diehard UT football game attendee.
But the most pressing issue here in Austin, Texas, Reader? Red lipstick.

First, some context. This trend is not unlike the High Waist Resurgence of May 2009, whereby hipsters near and far shed their low-slung everything and embraced a new era, one of tucked-in shirts and fastidious belting. Remember when you couldn’t walk two feet here in Austin without running into a gentle lass, deftly hiking her waist up to chin level? I do.

Now, we are seeing a similar interpretation of Austin’s “tidy” street style: a well-defined lip.

When I think of red lips, I think of Ashley Cass, Birds Barbershop’s darling social media guru. Every time I run into her, she’s wearing her pretty rouge smile, and I think: “How ladylike! How bold! I shall try red lips, too!”

And then I slap on the same boring nude lip gloss.

That’s me in the front right, pink boa. Our Garden Party last Sunday. (PS, all of the Trevor Ray pictures from that event are here). A perfect opportunity to go wild with lipstick, non? Imitate the Clara Bow v-shaped mouth? But no. I cowardly reached for gloss, the kind with a name like “Barely There” or “Sand” or “You might as well not wear anything.”

However. So intrigued by red lips am I, that I marched up to the Heebie Jeebie this week (a.k.a. H-E-B) and plunked down money for a tube of brightly colored Wet N’ Wild. The results were pinker than I wanted, but still – a step in the right direction.

(If it looks like I’m giggling, it’s because R. is taking a shower right behind me. Singing).

Let’s take a look at other fever-lipped Austin ladies.

Tiffany Diane.

Danielle Thomas.

Stephanie Fraide.

Rachel Donnan.

Leslie Torbett.

Would love to hear you weigh in on the smattering of red lips across our Capitol City, Reader.

Are you yay? Nay?

If “yay,” do you use something better than Wet N’ Wild? I am embarrassed to say that at dinner last night, I looked down to see traces of my lipstick all over my meal. As if I had been making out with my tacos.