Friendy Fires vs. Dinner.

Sometimes, people ask if I actually attend everything I post about on this blog. The answer is: yes, what are you losers doing?

Completely kidding about that. In fact, tonight is a great example. We were chatting about Friendly Fires here on Austin Eavesdropper a few months ago, and back then, I had every intention of attending. But something (YouTube?) distracted me for two months, and now this show is sold out.

But never fear, friends. Craigslist-happy Austinites are selling their FF tickets. (Ok, seriously? $50? That’s a racket, PostingID 1472570670 person).

Anyway, rather than gaze at man-child Ed Mac tonight, I am going to do something I almost NEVER DO for lovely R. Cook!

The problem is this, dear Reader. It’s not that Austin Eavesdropper is beyond hope in the kitchen department. It’s that her mental ingredient list is as follows:


Isn’t that sad? Whereas R. can walk into the grocery store and simply let vegetables speak to him like the Produce Whisperer he is, I have zero instincts for interesting foods that taste good together. I go through long phases where I will eat squash for a whole year, veggie burgers a whole year, soup a whole year. It’s kind of like my digestive system hosts an annual timeshare.

Reader, do you have any ideas for a Home-Cooked Dinner to prepare? (No julienning anything, please). Here are some I Googled just now.

Shrimp and risotto.

Glazed salmon.

Upside-down Mac N’ Cheese pie. (Just joking. That’s disgusting.)

Your dinner suggestions, my more talented-at-cooking friends?