Extra, extra! Austin Bleet-Up pics on the interwebs

Oh, Austin. Your inhabitants are too adorable for words.

Cory Ryan’s pictures from last week’s Austin Bleet-Up at Mohawk are now up on Flickr. Go have a looksie, yes? If you crave a hard copy – and I think you will – just order here.

Anyone who reads this blog is probably sick of hearing me talk about the Bleet-Up, so Austin Eavesdropper promises to shut up for the next few months. But not without saying:

Austin’s community of bloggers + Twitterers + social media types = Massive joy to my heart

Thank you all SO much for coming to the Bleet-Up. When Richard and I started putting it together, we had a veeery loose game plan, but it was our incredible local businesses, bands, and of course bloggers/blog-readers who made this thing a reality. We’ve got more ideas for the Bleet-Up, both big and small, and welcome your feedback 100%. For now….let’s eat up some pretty pictures.

PS: Austin360 / A-List got in on the picture action, too. Go see if you spot yourself!