Addiction enabler: Austin Java gives us free caffeine tomorrow

Could this blog be any more random? I really don’t think it could. Let’s dispense with any notions of consistency then on Austin Eavesdropper, and celebrate the fact that someone is giving us free coffee tomorrow.

So every month, Austin Java has these “Around the World” coffee tasting events, of particular appeal to caffeine addicts like myself. In addition to sampling coffee, Austin Java also serves complimentary appetizers and complimentary conversation, the latter coming from a Master Roaster. (A title I would LOVE to have on a business card someday.) And tomorrow, Around the World heads to Tanzania! Or, more accurately, the coffee of Tanzania heads to us.

Austin Eavesdropper has never been to Tanzania before, but she has been to Austin Java. The first time she went, she bumped into a lovely painting hanging on the wall, and it fell into her gingerbread pancakes. The situation, presented in mathematical terms:

Enthusiasm for conversation + wild gesturing of hands = Knocking artwork off walls


Basic physical coordination < Tendency to get over-excited.