A fashionable Saturday.

Hello friends. A quick confession, if I may?

Alright. I am about to tell you about two ver-ay fon-cey fashion events happening today. Two events involving fresh couture, garments hot-off-the-designers’ sewing machines, sure to be attended by equally fon-cey people…

But. The irony is this. Self is preparing this fashionable blog post…while STILL DRESSED IN THE DAMN CLOTHES SELF WORE LAST NIGHT.

Nope, not pajamas. Literally, am wearing the dress + tights + cardigan outfit that carried me out to dinner and drinks roughly 19 hours ago. It’s a cute outfit. So cute, in fact, that I decided to sleep, enjoy coffee, then breakfast, and now a blog post in it. Thank Goddess for the cloak of the internet, as this is one of those times I am beyond grateful that know one can see me right now. Hair? Falcon nest? It’s a toss-up.

So. I’m going to shower. Then attend Fun Fun Fun. Then these things:

Austin Eavesdropper’s good pal, Tiffany from Austin Is Burning, has been talking about this Fashion Leak event for a while now. Sooo in lust with Boudoir Queen as it is, and would love to meet John Renaud, who fashioned his lovely models with beak masquerade mask things for his new collection. Hello there, arm? Do you need twisting? (“No, not really!”)

Then, this is really cool. Rene and I are skipping on down to:

Happening at the aristocratic-sounding Austonian condominiums. It will be a miracle if Rene and I don’t giggle all over each other throughout the whole thing, given our experience yesterday – but that, my dear Reader, is another story for another time.

I am attending the Runway to Heaven show as a fashion blogger – eep! – and the original plan was to have bloggers, like, laser beam their comments onto this big projector screen while models were strutting down the catwalk. Isn’t that cool??

It was cut out though, which all in all may just be the best thing. Austin Eavesdropper would probably have done something boneheaded. (Such as quoting Zoolander mid-show: “Oh IT’S A WALK-OFF”). Do expect a full rundown post-show here on AE however, because lounging-in-clothes-well-past-appropriate-changing-time aside, self does like to look at pretty pretty outfits. On pretty pretty people.

So, quite a full day lies ahead. Where shall you be today, my fellow Austinites?

PS. Dear friends whom Ross and I hung out with last night in the country. If you are reading this, I just want to say thank you. Being around you guys is like enjoying the most luscious feast and taking the most curative medicine, all at once. With a Guns N’ Roses slow dance mixed in.