Weekend Fun: Whitman, Cheer Up Charlie’s, The Great Nostalgic

Greetings, everyone!

At this present moment, Austin Eavesdropper is visiting friends in Naples, Florida, where she will be spending as much time on the beach as humanly possible until her fair-complected (re: pasty) self can take it no longer. Currently, said friends are discussing a ‘breakfast drink’ prepared with homemade pineapple-infused vodka. She LOVES these friends.

If she weren’t in Naples, however, here are the three activities she would be attending:

The above event came to Austin Eavesdropper by way of an incredibly enthusiastic email pitch. Sometimes, an email is all it takes with me.

“YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! So High Society has teamed up with the best lil trailer in Texas! Cheer Up Charlies! Don’t know about Cheer Up Charlies? Here is the deal…this place RULES!! Not only do they have FREE BEER! They have ice cold coconuts, the best vegan food in town, horseshoes and now the best DJs in town as well. Don’t think you like vegan food? You have not tried their vegan chicken salad! Don’t think you like dancing? Well then i just feel sorry for you.”

Agreed, High Society! I feel sorry for non-dancers, too. Cheer Up Charlie’s is located on east 6th next to Shangri La, and tonight starting at 5pm, they will have all sorts of DJ folks at Super Happy Hour.

Joshua Distance
Blake Brandon
Hot Britches
DJ Teenage Wolf

Also tonight, Whitman will be playing at The Parish:

Lately, the band has gotten quite a bit of media praise, such as this recent blurb in The Onion/AV Club. (Sharp band photo in that story, gentlemen. Me likey).

Whitman will be playing tonight with Your Kisses Cause Crashes, The Pons, and Ideal Soul Mart. It is being presented by INsite Magazine.

FINALLY, if there is anything you do this weekend….go see The Great Nostalgic!

One of Austin Eavesdropper’s favorite local bands are playing Saturday night at Beauty Bar. And this isn’t just ANY show, either. From the band’s lips to your ears (er, eyes), this show will include:

“2 new members; Rachel Samartin on synths and vox, and Jimmy Rhea on guitar. The addition of a second guitar adds a lot of body and energy to our live show.

We will be playing 2 new songs for the first time at the show on Saturday, titled 1993 and The Great Unknown. We are slowly starting to add material to our set that will be on our next album (summer 2010). We’ve also added Fall River Dream, and a new version of Fire Brigade to our live set.”

Pretty neat, huh?

Whatever you do this weekend – have merry times, my far-flung Austinites.