TONIGHT: Austin Film Festival’s "Film & Food Party"

As a counter to the post below on fried chicken doughnuts, may I present you with a food event of a different stripe?

Tonight is the 7th Annual Film & Food Party, hosted by the Austin Film Festival, which runs October 22-29. It is happening at the Driskill, so you know it is fancy!

Austin Eavesdropper has never been to the Food & Film Party before, but she just may attend this tonight. There are several reasons:

A) It is altruistic. The Food & Film Party benefits the Young Filmmakers Program, a year-round outreach that helps kids turn their stories into films.

B) It is ridiculous. (In a good way). You can eat Eddie V’s. You can eat Parkside. You can eat Moonshine. I am counting over 15, possibly 20 restaurants at this soiree, and they are pulling out all the stops. And you can bid on things like signed X-Men and LOST scripts. (Wouldn’t it be funny if LOST was signed in blood or something).

C) It is, for all intents and purposes, the best way to eat. When Gary and I were hobnobbing at La Dolce Vita last week, trying very hard to look like discerning oenophiles (“you are out of the 2007 vintage Syrah? Well, I guess Merlot will – SIGH – have to do“), it occurred to me that eating-on-foot is, if entirely all too American, quite the pragmatic thing to do. The hands put lamb and creamed polenta into the mouth…the feet burn off calories as you move from one station to the next…the wine samples make you believe that, truly, you are exercising.

Food & Film Party – I commend you for embracing this brilliant culinary model!

Tickets to the event are $85 (or $70 for AFF members), and may be purchased by calling 512-478-4795.