It’s the weekend. Get dressed: Rene Geneva’s MOVING SALE

Eco chic designer Rene Geneva – and Austin’s own BEST DESIGNER for the 2009 Austin Fashion Awards – is having a moving sale right now, y’all. Girlfriend’s headed to a different design studio! So let’s ravage her stuff, and come out looking tops.

Rene told me that items in almost every category – coats, separates, dresses, etc. – are on sale, but as I was browsing around, I noticed that ALL the coats are. Some $100 off. Which is convenient since things are getting a little chillier in the ATX.

(Psst – I’m buying the one above, so hands off everybody. Just kidding. Not really).

Rene’s stuff is made from organic silks, cotton and hemp, and whenever I wear one of her things, people always go bananas for it. See that little black and white one above? I’ve got the same one in black and pink, and it fits like a dream! I wore it around New York one day for a business trip with work, and felt so uber-chic. Like a hip little diner waitress, or something.

Also. While not exactly daytime wear, if I could wear this dress every day, I would. Can’t you see it? Grocery shopping. Running in the neighborhood. Don’t mind me! Just hanging out in my gorgeous ball gown. It’s cool.

Anyway, you likey her stuff, fashionistas? If so, go shopping here: click the tabs on the upper left hand corner to get started.