Gordough’s Big Fat Donuts

Austin Eavesdropper has a confession to make. Two, actually:

A) She hasn’t stepped foot in a gym in two weeks. Hello, Texas! Oh wait, that’s not the state of Texas….that’s my butt.

B) See all of these delightful blog posts below? Most AE post ideas come from AE’s circle of knowledgeable pals, who have their fingers to the pulse of this city even better than she does. And friends, they uncover some interesting finds. Interesting indeed.

Take Gourdough’s gourmet donut shop, a brand spankin’ new food trailer biz located on 1219 South Lamar, across the street from Maudie’s. This tip came today from AE’s friend Gary, who really and truly, should start his own blog. AE’s in-the-know music tips, celebrity gossip tips, and sometimes food tips, pretty much always start with Gary. (@gaston213 on Twitter).

Let us dispense with formalities then, and ogle the drool-inducing donut menu at Gourdough’s?

Um…what!! “Mother Clucker: Fried Chicken Strip and Honey Butter Icing.” “Margaritaville: Margarita Flavored Filling and Key Lime Icing.”

I feel like Gourdoughs’ is the kind of thing that needs to be experienced at least once, with photographic proof, just to say you’ve tried it.

Have any of you been to Gourdough’s yet? If not, which one would you order first? My money’s on “Heavenly Hash.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: PHOTOGRAPHIC EVIDENCE has arrived! (Thanks to the indispensable Gary, @gaston213, for internet sleuthing and Jennifer King for her in-depth article at Austin Post, the source of these pictures).

The Mother Clucker.

The Razzle Dazzle.

The Blue Balls.