A year in pictures.

Oh, digital photography. A complicated mistress are you.

On the one hand, digital photos are sooo nice. Convenient. Immediately available. Adjustable.

But on the other hand…Austin Eavesdropper misses the days of plain old film. Don’t you, Reader? She suspects there is something to the musty old photo albums and scrapbooks her parents occasionally thumb through with her. I mean, can you really envision doing the same one day with your own kids, clicking through memories of your youth on Facebook? Me neither.

So over the past few days, Austin Eavesdropper has been scrolling back through pictures of this past year, from roughly September 2008ish to now. She’s thinking she’ll print these out (maybe) and turn them into a real album. But being full of whimsy, she decided to do a nostalgic post, too. A picture post.

AE is not a proper photographer, so she hopes you’ll forgive her. Here are a small sampling of favorite moments, memories, and images from the past year. With the exception of two (the Boston Terriers), all are taken in Austin. Spot the:

-Time her neighbor super-glued his fingers together.
-Best chair in Austin. It’s at Koriente.
-Non digitally-altered school bus. For hos.
-Throwdown at a gay bar.
-Picture snapped at a winery (I dare you to guess this one).