JUNIOR BOYS coming to Austin, October 19

I really, really should be working on an article deadline right now, but instead I’m going to blog about this totally awesome band. And then link to a site where you can buy tickets. These are the things I do for you.

Wait, I think they’re on drugs! Or maybe that drooling girl is just really, really tired.

Ok so I can’t remember when I originally heard Junior Boys, but “In The Morning” was definitely the first song. I tormented R. for the summer of 2007 when I had just moved back to Austin, playing this song on repeat again and again and again while painting our kitchen cabinets celery green. (Me = gay man in woman’s body). I began stalking their MySpace page, saddened to see that they only really toured Europe.


Junior Boys are coming to Mohawk on August 19, and considering what people all over the world pay to see these guys, I can’t believe tickets are so cheap! (Under $15). What any self-respecting Waldorf might find in between her couch cushions!

Tickets are on sale here, Austin Eavesdropper got hers today.