I’m already excited about it.

Well razz my berries, it’s the Second Sunday Sock Hop!

It’s quite the Shangri La weekend for Austin Eavesdropper, who may or may not have been doing just fine last night, liquor-wise, until chatting with a dear friend and toasting to our mothers (?) with a shot of Jager (??). After that, eye witnesses report near-instant wobbliness on legs, and on-the-spot matchmaking with strangers. As in, “hey, YOU. You look like a pretty girl, would you like to go out with my friend here standing next to me? He’s pretty gReAt.”

While these allegations cannot be confirmed, Austin Eavesdropper did wake up this morning still fully dressed and jewelried. Which she takes as a sign of simply being ready for the day.

Anyway, for those in attendance tomorrow night, guess what I found just now cleaning out my closet? MY OLD POLAROID CAMERA! Which means that it, and I, will be out in full effect at SSSH. See you cats there.