Bodysuits: What say ye, Austin?

Ladies, do you remember your first bodysuit? You know….those funny shirts that snap at the crotch, like a swimsuit you wore with pants? (or a skirt?) Perhaps you purchased yours at Limited Too. Perhaps it came in two blocks of color, as so many outfits from ’90s era Limited Too did. Perhaps you even got a matching scrunchie.

Well 14 years after my first brush with the bodysuit, I’m into it again. This garment is slowly crotch-snapping its way back onto the bodies of little Austin hipsters, and I’ll say it – I’m a fan. I had completely forgotten what a genius concept the bodysuit is! A shirt that ALWAYS stays tucked in! Just incredible.

Here are some bodysuits that UO is currently carrying. I think I like the little floral one best.

Also, Austin’s own vintage stylist / amazing fashion blogger lady Sarah Dean is selling a few choice black bodysuits at The Year of Living Thriftily.

Am also digging that stacked, Greek sandal-esque heel Sarah’s little model is working. I predict that soon enough, we’ll see bodysuits make their debut on our local Common Birds.

What do you think of le bodysuit, Austin women? Yay? Nay? Are you feeling some drop-crotch harem pants style hesitation? (Austin Eavesdropper has yet to try that trend). Or are you already bodysuit snapping with glee?