Attention Austin bands who need posters, designers who need prints, and everyone else who needs something visually magical

Because I’ve got a girl for you.

See all that? It is the work of Jen Carnes, who believe it or not, I am RELATED to! (Well, sort of. Married her brother. But it’d be cool if some of her insane talent could rub off simply through marital proximity).

As you can see, Jen is kind of awesome. At designing posters, logos, and cover art, making intricate patterns (the paisley buffalo!), etc. She went to Savannah College of Art and Design, so it’s no wonder that in addition to this hand-rendered stuff, she’s also quite the photographer.

Also, for any of you Austinites who may not be in need of design services, but just like to look at pretty things, check out Jen’s brand new blog Pretty Paisley. She posts a different pattern every day, mostly her own and sometimes that of other artists. It’s pretty freaking fun.