ACL 2009 Party Picks (after a brief word from our sponsor)

Hello, interwebs. It’s only been three days, but I’ve missed you.

Every so often, Austin Eavesdropper experiences this, like, introverted thing with the internet. Isn’t that highly strange? Is the internet not, in fact, the classic cure for introversion? But all of a sudden, AE will run clean out of digital wit and just stop Twittering/blogging/Facebook stalking for a few days. I believe it is a bizarre and unhealthy only child holdover. Imagine a 5-year-old, stomping in a circle around her laptop, screeching: “BUT I DON’T WANNA GOOGLE ANYTHING! I don’t wanna read email! I’M the boss of MEeee!”

That is what it is like, Reader. Except with a 27-year-old. And a meaningful shut of the laptop. (As opposed to full-on-stomp).

Basically what I’m saying is I have to show the internet who’s boss sometimes. Which is totally weird, to anthropomorphize the internet.

(PS, if you’re still reading this mini neurotic internet rant, I A) apologize, and B) am grateful. Thank you for not dismissing Austin Eavesdropper even when she gets off on these unpredictable tangents!)

Uh, who wants to talk about ACL parties?

So there are many awesome guides among the Austin bloggerati for ACL pre, during, and afterparties; in particular, The Peen Scene and of course The Michael have already posted thorough rundowns. And let’s not forget that ACL itself has included Official Afterparties on their website. I’m going to share with you my top 4 here, beginning with Wednesday and concluding with Saturday.

wednesday wednesday wednesday

I interviewed Doneski a few months back for The Deli, and have been a fan of his shows/DJ thang for even longer. You may recall the Cave Party that he/The Famousish put on last year. Anyway, the email I received for this event was so awesome that I have to copy and paste some of this for you:

“This party is going to have a TRIPLE 3D THEME. 3 DIMENSIONS OF SIGHT – as in there will be TV’s projecting 3D images ALL OVER the venue. From what I’ve heard, yet is hard to believe… is that there will be some screens that are 3D that you WON’T need glasses for. And it’s rumored that there will be a dance floor made of these screens with plexy glass over it. We’ll see on this one. I can’t really picture it. But if it is true… Qua Shark tank dance floor who?”

Doesn’t that email make your day? “3 DIMENSIONS OF SIGHT!” Oh I heart you, composer of this email. Even more for the floor rivalry with Qua at the end there.

Soft Opening Party
No RSVP needed (so get there early)

Located next door to Alamo Drafthouse on South Lamar

One more gem from the email:

“Oh yeah… did I mention celebrities? Remember who was at the Fantastic Fest cave party last year… BILL motherfucking Murray… expect something like that.”

thursday thursday thursday

Richard from Ultra8201 told Austin Eavesdropper this is going to be one hell of a show. I believe him. Here’s the rundown:

Outside Stage:
1:15 – DJ Tweedy
12:30a – The Lemurs
11:30p – The Steps
10:30p – SPEAK
9:30p – Wallpaper
With DJ Tweedy between sets

Inside Stage:
1:00a – DJ Orion
12:15a – Bright Light Social Hour
11:15p – The White White Lights
10:15p – The Authors
9:15p – Whitman
With DJ Orion between sets

Art Disaster 2009
8pm – 2am
RSVP needed
Beauty Bar

friday friday friday

The buzz around this show has been a little bit insane, so be smart, go RSVP now. We are excited to see who this “Loyaute Soundsystem” is, and Austin Eavesdropper ventures to guess they may share some commonalities with these people.

This one just might be AE’s most-anticipated ACL afterparty!

Learning Secrets Presents: Voxtrot, Survive, and Loyaute Soundsystem
Time: 9:00pm
RSVP not needed, but you will save $3 off door that way.

Beauty Bar

friday saturday friday

Finally, Seaholm Party for Broken Social Scene (wow?!) sounds pretty killer. It is being sponsored by, Voodoo Cowboy and Rare Magazine. This is totally free with RSVP, and it’s in an offbeat, rad venue, for two nights.

Now Reader, Austin Eavesdropper is aware of the blighted Dos X Castle Party (that she admittedly did not attend). She also knows the, ehm, “kinks” there weren’t all Rare’s fault — but frustrating to attendees all the same. Still, she is willing to bet they are going to do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to make sure this one is well-organized, so rock it out Rare.

Live at Seaholm
Friday and Saturday, 8pm doors
RSVP needed
Seaholm Power Plant

Ok, those are my choice 4! Which ACL parties are you attending?

EDITOR’S NOTE: This just in!

Remember to RSVP: musiclounge[at]bmfmedia[dot]com.