We made a music video!!! The Lennings

So many of you bloggers met the guy to my left at The Bleet-Up last week. He, R., and a bunch of other fine young gentlemen make up The Lennings.

Soon, The Lennings will be coming to a Moose Lodge near you. That’s right: Moose Lodge. (Also a show space).

Why? Our friends and The Lennings made a MUSIC VIDEO, y’all! And now, we’re going to share it with the mooses. Meese? (Oh God. Don’t you hate it when people sheepishly joke about confusing plurals? Now I’m doing it). Anyway, we’re sharing it with people too:

We filmed it in an abandoned mental institution with our friends playing crazy people – not as much of a stretch as you may think – a la One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. I play a nurse! Above, that’s our friend Dan, and also another friend named Dan. (Sorry, you can’t be our friend unless your name is Dan.)

To get directions, click here. If you’ve never been there, it’s kind of near Manor.

As a memory refresher, The Lennings are also the fine musicians / music video-makers behind You’re The One That I Want. Even the YouTube commenters, the harshest critics around, went weak-kneed for that song. This video for “Section C” is a real music video, with multiple camera angles and a director and everything.

I’m so excited! Tell the world! And see you music people there.