The Austin Cocktail Throwdown

Listen up, local alcohol czars.

There is a SUPER FUN contest happening right now for ATX mixologists, The 6th Annual Austin Cocktail Throwdown. Bar establishments classy and divey are invited to submit the ultimate vodka-spiked drink — and specifically, a Tito’s Vodka-spiked drink.

(Pause. How funny is it that Tito’s last name is “Beveridge??” Yes! Not making that up!)

Anyway, on September 24 at the Gibson Guitar Showroom, local drinkmasters will compete for the honor of “official drink of Austin.” Each finalist will have their own tasting table, and attendees will be able to sample each drink and vote on their favorite. How do you enter? Why, I’m glad you asked.

First, invent your drink – martini, shot, beer vodka fusion kamikaze – and name it something clever. The KinkyTini, The MARGAretMoseRITA (<--could be tough with vodka), The get the idea. Next, submit your recipe by 5pm on September 3rd to Beth Krauss ( Please also send a compilmentary sample to Austin Eavesdropper. (Just kidding! Not really)

A few more ground rules from the chiefs:

-Contest is open to any establishment in the Austin metro area that serves Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Tito’s must be included in the recipe.

-Entry must be a new, original drink – not something already on your menu (der)

-Potentially offensive submissions will be disqualified in the first round.

-Recipes submitted after the deadline will not be submitted to judges. First round is blind judging – judges will not know whose recipe is whose.

-No changes can me made to recipes once they’re submitted.

-By submitting a recipe, you confirm that your establishment has at least two staff members available to serve the cocktail on Sept. 24.

-If you are named a finalist, you will be responsible for bringing all ingredients except vodka, and any special glasses/garnishes needed to present the drink to the finals on Sept. 24. Tito’s will provide vodka and basic plastic cups.

-If you win, you agree that Austin CVB can recreate your recipe at various events throughout 2009-2010. You will always be given credit, even if you’re not present to serve.

THE BIG WINNA receives:

-National news release announcing your VICTORY! And, exclusive rights to serving the “Official Drink of Austin”

-Two 1-day passes/wristbands to ACL (for Sunday, Oct. 4) where you’ll serve your drink in the press lounge (and, presumably, rock out)

-Local media coverage from the Austin-American Statesman, Edible Austin, KGSR-FM and more. If you’re not too busy being a cocktail celebrity ol’ Austin Eavesdropper will probably want to interview you too.

-Your drink served and establishment represented at Austin CVB events throughout the year: “Austin Music, Vol. 9” CD Release Party, Media reception with the Mayor at City Hall during SXSW, Austin Film Commission party during the Austin Film Festival, National Music Bloggers panel during Fun Fun Fun Fest, and more.

Last year, Ranch 616 won with their drink The Ring of Fire. Can you beat them?

Only one way to find out. Get mixing, y’all.

**Photos at the top provided by the lovely Leah Alisa Moss, who shot “The Informed Drinker” pictures for East Side Show Room. The Informed Drinker is my new cocktail on Austinist, and you can check it out here.