Rawsome: Borboleta Gourmet Living Cuisine

Austin Eavesdropper is being boring tonight due to a sure-to-be-painful 6:00 AM flight the next morning.

Otherwise, I’d be at the Ume / Sunset / Balmorhea show going on right now at The Parish. (Which reminds me. Public service announcement, y’all. Balmorhea = “bal-more-ray,” and not “bal-moria.” I know. I had always wondered too, until Laurie Gallardo pronounced it on KUT a few mornings ago. Doesn’t it look like an entirely different, utterly wrong word we shouldn’t associate with such an ambient, gentle band…….?? But I digress).

So instead of going out, R. and I took ourselves to newly-opened Borboleta – the raw food place on west 6th – for an early dinner.

Are you wondering why these pics look like a sleepy person has just woken up and is blinking their eye? That was actually an accident on my camera! The lens didn’t open entirely, but it looked so cool that I decided to leave it and snap shots of the interior.

Drool, chandelier.

The above desserts are a chocolate torte and pear tart. I didn’t catch it on camera before we devoured it, but R. and I split an AMAZING slice of “cheesecake,” which was really a very thick, rich combination of coconut meat, figs, coconut milk, pecans, and orgasm. I mean agave nectar.

I wanted to show you a few more shots of Borboleta’s actual food, so here are some from their modest little website:

The above looks quite similar to the “lasagna” (haha, all raw foods the the “just kidding” quotes around them) R. and I split for dinner, which was comprised of thinly sliced cucumber, a macadamia nut, hummus-like spread that served as the “mozzarella,” olive tampenade, meaty marinated mushrooms, and insanely fresh basil.

Another cute pic from their site:

Right now, Borboleta closes early on weekend nights – 8:00 PM on Fridays and 5:00 PM on Saturdays – but chef Virginia Morgan told me they will soon be expanding hours to 10:00 PM both nights. Also, they are currently BYOB, but are in the midst of getting their beer/wine license. Which you know will = organic, wonderful vino.

One more thing about Borboleta, Reader: I do have to be honest with you. The portions here are petite indeed, but the great thing about places like this, Daily Juice, East Side Show Room etc. is that the ingredients are so obscenely fresh and flavorful, you really don’t need a big portion. You can also do a fun “tasting menu” at Borboleta, where for $20, a sample of all the entrees (usually 6-8) on that day’s menu is brought out to you. For $30, you get dessert samples too.

Now if you’ll pardon the drastic change of topic, am attending wedding tomorrow so must go apply weed whacker to man-hairy legs. Ladies, it’s a sad state indeed when the best thing you can think of for addressing the situation is a power tool.