No Lily Allen at ACL!

I just heard the news on Ultra8201: Lily Allen has bowed out of this year’s ACL Fest!

That’s right, Lily Allen: sad face.

Above is the new(ish) video for Allen’s single “22,” off It’s Not Me, It’s You. The cinematography is a little unforgiving, but I rather like the gritty low-light throughout.

May I submit a humble wish list of replacements, C3 Presents?

But that one’s been rumored for a while.

How about an ever-so-slightly less known gal, like Amanda Blank! (a little nsfw)

Or – THE TWELVES. Played at Canvas Bar for SXSW 2009, and I just caught a minute. A minute of pure rapture, that is.

What about Walter Meego? I can’t decide if I detest this video or not, but I do likey his sound.

Your thoughts, dear Reader?