New discovery via Rio Rita jukebox: Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five

I can’t believe I’m just now discovering Mr. Lewis and the Funeral Five. I can’t believe they’re in Austin. I can’t believe they’re playing three shows next month.

Believe it, sister!

Their big, bassy style and Mr. Lewis’s voice reminds me a little bit of the late great Morphine. But a lot more playful. Like if Mark Sandman went to the carnival. (And with a name like that I’m sort of shocked he didn’t).

So we were chilling at Rio Rita last night, and for the first time in All Modernity R. agreed to hang inside for a little while so we could sit on the pretty couches. When friends stumble in we always end up outside, but once – just once – I wanted to sit inside underneath the Audrey Hepburn poster and sip my alcohol/coffee thing and listen to the jukebox. It’s the little things.

Anyway, joy that we did, because when “Black Coffee Night” came on we both looked at each other and said WHAT THE HELL IS THIS (in a good way), so I investigated. Hence, me telling you about Mr. Lewis at this precise moment.

Here are listings for their upcoming local shows:

September 4 – The Scoot Inn with Brothers and Sisters and The Low Lows

September 9 – Hole in the Wall with Reverend Glasseye, Wino Vino and Wax Museum Pandemonium

September 25 – Beauty Bar for BrianBenBen’s Birthday with The Lemurs

Count me in.