Lazy Saturday, fare thee well Summer.

So last night’s Cherrypeel party was, to put it mildly, a raging success.

It was so fun in fact, that I forgot to take any pictures! Despite having camera in-hand and fully batteried, for once! But that is what “being in the moment” (and a handful of vodka-Pop Rock cocktails) will get you.

Anyway, among all the lovely faces both new and old, I had the sincere pleasure of meeting Vanessa Gonzales of SailorLegs. Um, that’s a genius site. I was so sad when The Famousish went away, because as much as I heart dance party bands I really am clueless most of time as to the biggest, baddest, buzziest ones. But now, Vanessa is my hook-up! Whether she knows it or not!

Here are a couple of videos she posted about last Monday. It made me nostalgic for this summer (since both are pretty newish), as it’s almost gone.

Now ScarJo haters – I hear you. Actors-turned-musicians are, for some reason, so much more obnoxious that musicians-turned-actors. But I want to kiss ScarJo, so leave us in peace and take your bashing elsewhere.

Next, Calvin Harris.

Here are a couple I like.

This song has been out for ages, but now it serves as a promo video for 500 Days of Summer. I love their little dance number. (And Zooey Deschanel’s outfit).

And I can’t find an embeddable version (damn you “embedding disabled by request!”), but I am also really enjoying this tribute to David Lee Roth, via The Bird and The Bee. When cueing, go DIRECTLY to minute 2:34. You’re welcome.