I’m not a nurse but I play one on TV: The Lennings’ new music video

So my friends The Lennings have their first Do512 featured show this Friday at Mixx (w00t!), that new music venue east of 6th and Red River. (I say “new,” but I think it’s actually been a nightclub in the same space…perhaps under a different name.)

Now Reader, I have not been inside Mixx yet, but I am approving of the local musical selections on their calendar. For example, Many Birthdays plays at Mixx in October, and if you’ve been following Austin Eavesdropper for a little while you know we are big fans of Many Birthdays’ whole electro / experimental / Japanese-speaking thing.

Anyway, you know what else just happened as far as The Lennings are concerned? We made a music video!!! (Meaning, our friends made a video with them.) We play crazy people inside a mental institution, which is a real former mental institution way out on east MLK, not too far from the state penitentiary. Being among the only sane ones myself, I play a nurse.

“Section C” has been featured on The Deli and Two Groove, and now you can catch it right here. It just released this week.

You likey?