Blondie and Pat Benatar make everything better

Austin Eavesdropper has been in upstate New York for a wedding these past few days, and apologizes for her paltry posting between Friday and today. Did you miss me, Reader?

I had one of those days yesterday that left me feeling a little ragged. As such, I’ve been self-medicating with YouTube videos of BLONDIE and PAT BENATAR, who will be performing at Austin Music Hall this Thursday. (Shockingly enough, there are still tickets left, so get them here).

Let’s go with Bob Giraldi’s masterpiece first, the music video for “Love is a Battlefield.” How many outfit changes does Pat B. go through, exactly? Because I count three before we’ve even hit a minute.

Don’t you LOVE how serious it all is, until the girls break out with a dance number around 3:23? Beginning with a closed-mouth shimmy, no less??

Here is a stunning display of ’80s cinematography, via Blondie’s big hit “Call Me:”

And while personally, I’ve always preferred Blondie’s weird, wonderful music video for “The Tide is High” (go watch it right now), surely the viewer classic is “Heart of Glass:”

Blondie – Heart Of Glass

It kills me every time to hear Blondie’s breathy, seductive voice utter the relatively crude phrase “pain in the ass” to describe what she soon found out love was. Not “fleeting,” not “cruel” – a pain in the ass.

But you’re never a pain in the ass to me, Blondie.