Bloggers, Twitterers, socializing. And possibly dancing.

Man, we Austin social media types can’t get enough of each other in person, eh? As it turns out, we are JUST as socially capable in-person as we are online!

First, I want to talk about this event happening tonight, which has an exceedingly well-designed poster:

Isn’t that pretty? Good job, Software Advice.

Ok first of all I know what you’re thinking – “Software Advice.” Woooohoo. But I met Chris Thorman, one of the lovely young lads behind the company, at the Bleet-Up a few weeks ago, and I was intrigued by this item on their party’s press release:

“The Software Advice office at 7th & Congress is paperless. Any documents that come into the office are scanned and stored digitally before being recycled. Each month, the company prints fewer than 20 sheets of paper.”

Less than 20 sheets, for serious? I think I used that many yesterday printing out a juicy office email thread about whether we should reorder a stock of Avery labels, or consider the slightly less expensive kind from Staples? (Hawt. Gossip.)

Anyway you never know, bloggers, when you will need some software advice, and that is why I’m posting about this party tomorrow. Like for example, I would like to learn how to use Dreamweaver so as to figure out how to design an ACTUAL SITE. You know, the kind with “About” tabs and stuff. Also, there will be free beer.

Secondly, Lani Rosales – President of New Media Lab (and a downright Twitter Ninja) – has organized a Tweetup at the north Iron Cactus that all local Twitterati are invited to attend. (Oh Twitter. There is no end to the cute words you produce!) I will be there tomorrow, and would you believe this is only my second Tweetup? I believe Breanna of One Leg at a Time will be my lady-date.

What I love about Tweetups is how great the Twitterers are about updating in real time. “I’m sharing a margarita with @RachelSmith!” “@MikeR just gave me his card!” “Um, @BeerDan stepping on my foot.”

Switching subjects dramatically. If you’re more in the mood to dance tomorrow evening, Learning Secrets is holding it down at Lanai:

Free popsicles! Fuggedaboutit, I’m there.

Speaking of dancing, and bloggers. (Actually a party thrower). Knuckle Rumbler sent me something pretty delicious yesterday:

I can’t stop watching / listening to it. Don’t the animal masks remind you of Donnie Darko a little?

And no, Miike Snow is not coming to Austin anytime soon. But let’s encourage Transmission / Emo’s / C3 / The Parish / whoever wants to tackle this to woo him down to our city. DO IT!

Lastly, for no reason whatsoever: kittens.