Blogger grievances.

I’m not sure how to contact….Google? Who “owns” Blogger? But this blog has had some technical difficulties lately, and I want to see if any readers are experiencing this. So I’m going to air my grievances Rhonda Byrne-style and put it out into the universe that I would like these fixed.

Please leave a comment if this has occurred:

A) Austin Eavesdropper was deleted from your feed.

I know – what the F! But recently, a reader brought this to my attention. GOOGLE, seriously: how do I rectify this? The reader promptly re-added the blog to their feed but in an ideal, happy world I would like it if it just stuck around, please. It’s like my blog is a flaky boyfriend who never calls and never calls and you’re like “is it something I did? Why isn’t he texting? Am I getting fat? I’m getting fat.” and finally YOU call HIM and he’s all, “whatever baby, I’m still here! Hey, come play Halo. Pick up some Funyuns and a Miller 6-pack on your way BUUUUURRRRP.”

Also. Google/The Universe/Rhonda, these two things have happened to moi:

B) I usually get an email notification each time a post gets a new comment, but now, not so much.

Instead I get a notification every 5th comment or something. Like my blog is simply too exhausted to email.

C) I changed my blog template and tried to reinstall Google Analytics to monitor my traffic, but it no worky.

There’s a strong possibility that I copied and pasted it wrong or something. But fellow bloggers, what site traffic monitor do you guys use? Is there a better one out there?

See, here’s the thing about Google Analytics. I hate it when a site traffic monitor is trying to tell you how to install your tracker and begins saying things like,

“For more information on how to implement the tracking code for data-driven pages or pages with frames, please follow the instructions from the relevant section in the Google Analytics Installation Guide.”

Um, what does this EVEN MEAN? Does my blog contain data-driven page? A page with frames?? Google Analytics, dumb me cannot understand your esoteric coder-speak. Please pretend you are explaining the interwebs to a toddler, or even a new terrier puppy, and then we can talk.

Help me, Rhonda.