TOMORROW: Austin Fashion Awards and After Party

With roughly 24 hours to go until the Austin Fashion Awards, local fashionistas are untangling the taffeta, aTwittering their outfit selections, and getting ready to put their best Louboutin forward. If you want to go but haven’t gotten your ticket yet, I have a little treat if you’re interested.

Click here, type in promo code “FASHION,” and get your ticket for $30…..INSTEAD of $43.

After that, a handful of folks will be headed here:

Sigh, it’s all making me want to go SHOPPING so badly! I can’t remember the last time I had a big, tacky blowout shopping spree, R. and I devoting our cash money to air travel lately. I think I may ask this pretty lady to teach me how to sew….who shall at any rate be providing my GOOWWN (must be said in Joan Collins voice) tomorrow evening. Oh Rene, I am so grateful.