Thank you, Austin American-Statesman and Daily Texan!

I forgot to talk about this, but Daily Texan ran a story on Austin bloggers this month, and they were so kind as to mention Austin Eavesdropper! The lovely Leigh Patterson wrote this piece, and the girl bloggers featured in the story grabbed a snapshot together after the shoot.

Note face-devouring sunglasses designed to effectively block out UVA, UVB, alpha, gamma, and even additional types of sun rays yet undiscovered by man. We endorse eye protection on Austin Eavesdropper.

From left to right, that is Maggie from Maggie’s Austin, Tiffany Diane from Austin is Burning, moi, Leigh Patterson, and Sarah Dean from The Year of Living Thriftily. The wonderful boys of Ultra8201 took this picture (and they were also in the Daily Texan story).

And then yesterday, the Statesman included Austin Eavesdropper on their list of Central Texas’ top blogs! Thank you, newspaper! I high-fived the laptop screen when I saw that.

Lastly, thank you out there reading this post right now….whoever you are!