Nirvana Nostalgia.

God. Remember when MTV was kind of cool?

I miss these days.

We were at a friend’s lakehouse this weekend, listening to a ’90s station on XM or something, and I got so freaking nostalgic for junior high. Or, more accurately, the larger cultural zeitgeist of the early-to-mid-90s when I was in junior high. (I’ll leave behind the horrifying OXY zit cream, thanks).

I think the reason Alamo Drafthouse hasn’t had a Nirvana singalong (to my knowledge), even though we totally know all the words is because we can’t laugh about it.

Did you know, though, that Nirvana recorded a bootleg here in Austin in 1991?

I go back and forth about my favorite Nirvana song, but I always come back to All Apologies.

In terms of music video alone though, In Bloom is pretty sweet. I can’t decide. Which one’s your favorite?