Countdownt to ACL 2009: Phoenix

Oh, France. You’ve given us so much. Toast. Champagne. Gerard Depardieu’s chin. And now, irresistible synth-rockers Phoenix.

Actually, the “now” part is only halfway true. Phoenix has been around for almost 10 years believe it or not, even though it seems much more recent that we’ve caught onto them stateside. They’re latest album, Wolfgang Amadeus, released on May 25 and has been making its way around the blogosphere. A couple of weeks ago on David Letterman, Phoenix performed one of the most dance-forward tunes from Wolfgang Amadeus, 1901, and they’ll be here in Austin at ACL on Friday, October 2. (Person who decided to have ACL in October rather than September this year = genius).

Speaking of dancing, here’s the video for “If I Ever Feel Better,” a disco groove from Phoenix’s early days (2001) that I loved long before I knew they were the band behind it.