Or maybe like Twitter and “tweet-ups,” I should say “bleet-up”….which sounds like sheep.

Anyway. I’m going to keep this post short and sweet, but here’s the deal. I’m thinking of organizing a happy hour or something where ALL local Austin bloggers get together. Readers welcome too. Would you all be into that?

I’ve been considering this idea for a long time for the following reasons:

A) It’s a good way to trade post ideas,
B) It’s an excuse to drink together,
C) It’s a way to connect artists, publicists, musicians and whoever with the types of bloggers in town who dig their stuff. Some of us write on music…some food…some events…etc. So let’s get all this networking potential out of our systems already and connect faces to names.
D) There are far too many people named here and here who I still haven’t met yet in person.

Yes? No? Bar suggestions? If you’re in, email me (left sidebar) or leave a comment.