Austin Fashion Awards ROUND-UP

I’ve had basically three thoughts today.

A) I adore Lloyd on Entourage.

B) My husband is amazing. Last night in a dream, he saved me from a creature that was hissing at me from inside our bathtub: an unholy genetic union of Snake and Zebra. Literally my least favorite and most favorite animals combined (and a “znake” as we later christened it). It was humongous like a sandworm from Beetlejuice, and GRINNING at me while it was hissing, delighting in my fear this sick and twisted creature. So R. – being quite manly and capable – grabbed it, ran to the front door, and drop-kicked it into the street!

I felt a little bad because here was blatant animal abuse, occurring right inside my dream. But I also felt relieved that that thing was out of the damn house. And I also know that were this scenario to happen in real life, R. would behave as heroically as he did inside my brain.

C) So very, VERY proud of my girl Rene who won Critic’s Choice Best Local Fashion Designer last night at the Austin Fashion Awards!!! Check out the full list of winners – which also includes photographer extraordinaire Cory Ryan and Broken Ear Productions – here!

Michael Barnes at the Statesman was very kind to take Rene and I’s picture, with both of us wearing her original creations! Here are some more pics below from the evening…

Rene and I on red carpet, courtesy of Jake Holt Photography (who took GORGEOUS shots of everyone, see full gallery here).

Here is one more from Jake. One of my very favorite couples, Cory Ryan and Tom Hudson – bassist and drummer in Hollywood Gossip! And so very much more.

How insanely pretty is she.

A very fuzzy shot of Rene winning her Golden Boot:

The two of us holding a kryptonite-like substance at the AMLI After Party (what is this stuff??)

Hats off Matt Swinney, and the legions of people who made Austin’s first Fashion Week happen!

But – before we close. It must be said that one of the celebrity attendees of the night, Kayne of Project Runway Season 3, is truly one of the sweetest men I have ever met. With absolutely flawless skin. Even high-res photography cannot do this complexion justice.