Welcome to Eat Drink Austin

Up with Austin food blogs!

A few of my friends recently started Eat Drink Austin, a blog devoted to putting delicious local things in your body.

It’s funny, I was just remarking to someone (Twitter) the other day how envious I was of the food blogger community here and how tight-knit it is. Addie Broyles over at the Statesman is – as my friend Alex over at Austin Is Delicious remarked – the patron saint of Austin food bloggers, always helping organize cool events for them at various restaurants, retweeting their Twitter messages, etc.

Anyway, part of the reason I don’t really talk about food here on this blog is that I’m not sure I have anything snappy to say about it.


“This is delicious!”

Downright penetrating insight.

But. I’m going to start contributing posts to Eat Drink Austin, so if you have suggestions for restaurants and/or bars to review, drinks to order, pastries served out of air stream trailers, the local freegan hot spots, places you can order chocolate bacon gelato (cough cough WHOLE FOODS cough ACTUALLY PRETTY GOOD cough), secret supper societies and so on – I’d love to hear about them.

Whaddaya got?