Rarest of Them All Party: WEDNESDAY!

Um…..PUMPED. This is Wednesday night. Who’s going? Let’s discuss.

free grey goose + white denim + amy’s ice cream + “confetti cannon” (?!) = YES PLEASE!

What’s your favorite thing from this list of awesome?

I feel so sophisticated with the Rarest of Them All Party at the Long Center this year. Like a fancy grown-up! Tickets are $25, and include drinks/food along with the musical performances….and whatever extra confetti cannon/fireworks madness. Here’s the Do512 post about it, where you can listen to music samples, and the Facebook invite. Apparently, last year’s Rarest party had over 1500 people.

Darcie Duttweiler and I wrote the copy for year’s winners in this year’s Rarest of Them All issue, and I have to say that is an intense but FUN writing project. You know what else is intense? Predator. R. and I are watching it right now, and the Governator is about to get his ass kicked.