Rare Magazine: News

Ok Austin community that cares about Rare: let’s make this right.

So Taylor contacted me last night after this blog post had been up, and said he wished I would have emailed him first. Fair enough – that’s a totally valid point. He also told me the July issue would release (YAY writers and photographers!) and that he had been interviewing and hiring new staff members for the magazine. I don’t know who those staff members are yet, but I guess we’ll find out.

Bottom line: Rare is surviving, which is thrilling news. As for what’s to come, if the mag will change, take on a different style/tone – I’ve got no news there, so again, guess we’ll see.

Anyway…I’ve had enough drama for one day.

Before I sign off, I just want to reiterate the fact that this magazine’s founder, Matt Swinney, created something this city clearly adores and feels passionately about. When Carrie Crowe came on in 2006, she and Matt turned it into a publication attuned to the creative pulse of this town, featuring a new visual artist every month and assigning stories on everyone from street food vendors selling kebabs out of their trailer, to eco-couture fashion designers showing pieces on runways. The community-minded stories, such as local transportation and greener city planning, underline their solid vision that Austin is a place for innovators of ALL kinds — right down to the mag’s kicka*s design.

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: The publication or company in this town that gets Carrie next is immeasurably fortunate – one of the besteditors I have ever had, and I probably speak for all of the writers.

So. Matt and Carrie created something grand, which I feel very lucky to be a part of. I even got my first tattoo during a Rare interview, believe it or not. Taylor, I am also happy to have your communication, and hope that you continue the great thing those two started.

Who’s ready for happy hour?