Keep These in Mind: Posters by Jay B Sauceda

I think I’ve named myself the Brand Ambassador for Public School.

Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of meeting Jay B Sauceda, who was taking pictures for The Trunk Show at United States Art Authority. Turns out he is yet another talent who sets up shop at Public School, the new east side design outfit. While we were chatting, Jay B popped open his laptop and showed me a “Keep These in Mind” poster series he printed recently, versed with childlike, school-themed expressions. They are printed on heavy, manila folder style paper.


The only thing holding me back from ordering all of them is the fact that the best room in the house for these kicky creations is our living room, which is currently colonized by Caleb’s grandmother. Meaning, her STUFF: a mounted quilt here, a partridge figurine there. As a result, pretty much all available wall space has been spoken for. I’ve tried before, but when it comes to the living room, I just can’t overcome the power of Caleb’s grandmother.