Grizzly Bear: Most Likely to Succeed at Making Music Bloggers Wet Their Pants

Have you heard of Grizzly Bear? I’ll bet you have. They are currently on tour to promote their latest LP Veckatimest, and everyone from Gorilla Versus Bear to The Onion is collectively losing their sh*t over it. Have you seen a blogger crying solemn tears of joy onto his laptop lately? He’s probably listening to Veckatimest.

I’m going to be honest with you, Grizzly Bear is a little NPR Song of the Day for me. But I know many Austinites do love them, so let’s talk about their upcoming show.

This video kind of makes me think I should shut the hell up and jump on the bandwagon.

Anyway, Grizzly Bear is from Brooklyn (of course!) and will be playing here in town at The Parish on Tuesday, June 16. Tickets are all but sold-out, but check out this Craigslist thread to find some. The band will be playing with the similarly atmospheric group Here We Go Magic, also from Brooklyn.

Gotta say that The Parish is REALLY booking some impressive acts lately. Wonder what the Transmission boys think about that?