Friday: A time for reading, dancing (but not simultaneously)

That’s dangerous!

Tonight, American Short Fiction is coming to ATX:

They’re releasing their Summer issue! Which is good, because let’s be honest: in between Transformers and neon-colored frozen drinks and tanning so hard your eyeball retinas feel it, frankly, you need all the reading you can get. Preserve your brain for God’s sake.

From the release:

“Come for an evening of music, fiction, and drinks! Christie Hodgen is flying in from Kansas City to read from her brilliant story featured in the current issue, actress Kelli Bland will be performing from Patrick Somerville’s “The Universe in Miniature in Miniature,” and poet (and new Austinite) Laurie Capps will also read. Emceed by ASF favorite, Owen Egerton! Refreshments will be provided by Live Oak Brewing Company.”


friday, june 26 (that’s tonight!), 7-9pm
cafe caffeine
909 west mary street

Later on that night, there will also be the last – LAST! – performance of Car Stereo (Wars) before Chris Rose moves to New York! Nooo!!

Chris, what will we do without your ACL mash-ups? Tonight, your turntables will be awash with my tears.

Speaking of tears – guys. I cannot BELIEVE we live in a post-Michael Jackson world now. In a an article this morning on MJ’s autopsy, Washington Post summed up his legacy quite well. “In the end there were two sides to the record that will stand as Jackson’s life: the tabloid caricature and the provocative, genre-changing musical genius that his fans will always treasure.”

I prefer the latter.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody.