What are you wearing, Austin?

So I ran into James and Sarah of East Austinite last Friday at The Peacock, and was reminded of their cool Eastside Home Contest running this week. Have you all heard about it? Basically, eastside residents upload pictures of their impossibly hip, stylish abodes (like THIS ONE – oh my God?) and then we all vote.*

Anyway, it gave me the idea to reach out to Austin Eavesdropper readers with a similar proposition. Not a “contest” per se, but a roundup of local…outfits. Yeah? You dig?

recently sent me some delicious tie-dyed tights, and I wore them out a few nights ago.

I know, the photo quality is stunning.

Here’s a better one:

And a close-up:

LWR sent over some pretty fuchsia ones, too. Ever since their catwalk run at Fashion Freakout last February, these tie-dye tights have basically become my personal fetish object. I can’t wait to throw together more outfits with them.

Also, remember that Chickdowntown belt giveaway we did here a while back? Sorta?

Ah yes – now you remember!

Anyway, look at the fierce winner below, who was so kind to send me his pic!! John basically turned a Carrie Bradshaw belt into a well-balanced Johnny Cash accessory. Is he not just très fab:

Note the sassy Hip-Cock of Accomplishment!

So anyways, Austin, I was wondering if you’d like to share what you’re wearing right now – preferably with photos. Because this is one stylish city. While no one does this kind of thing like Austin Style Watch, I thought it might be fun to READ as well as SEE how you all are dressing yourselves these days, via your pics and commentary.

what are you wearing, austin?

If you’d like to participate, send outfit photos to the email address located on the right-hand side of the screen. If you submit pics, I will post them. (With a few commonsense exceptions, like nudity, or something truly horrifying a.k.a. drop-crotch harem pants.)

*I’m voting, and I’m typing, but I’m also drooling. Drooling and typing. Because these homes are so damn cute.