Girl crushes: Ida Maria and Tummy Toast.

Ok, so I’ve had this song in my head for so damn long, I figure I might as well share it with the world.

I lerve Ida Maria so much as it is, and then I saw this Warhol / Sex Pistols-inspired music video, and it just made me crush on her even more. I saw her a couple of months ago back at the Perez party during SXSW, and as soon as she opened her mouth, I experienced what can only be described as textbook “Lapse Of Sanity,” if you will. Sort of like a conniption fit, but in a good way: The flailing of arms, the flinging of sweat. Your own personal splash zone. See, Ida Maria is just so endearing and her music so danceable, that there’s no half-ass getting down, know what I mean? (You know what I mean. It’s the kind of dancing you normally reserve for your bedroom, possibly in front of your mirror, possibly doing The Carlton.)

Anyway, Ida Maria is not coming to Austin anytime soon, but this blog post is a petition to her British handlers to book another show here (please).

There IS an Austinite who is playing next Saturday however who I’d like to go see: Tummy Toast!

She, along with other electronic-y Austin folks, are playing at Creekside next Saturday. (Check out the Facebook invite for details).

I got to meet adorable little Tummy Toast last Halloween at Black and Tan, and basically mobbed her for a photograph. It’s my sincere hope that she makes it big someday, if that’s what she wants. I played her song “Friend Crush” for about a month straight around the house, and have a distinct memory of playing the cat like a xylophone with a spoon while doing so (but not very hard). Go listen to that xylophone part right now, and tell me you aren’t similarly tempted to instantly play your pet with silverware.