Craigslist saves the day: TV On The Radio, Missed Connections

This Saturday, TV On The Radio is playing a sold-out show at Stubb’s!

You can still get tickets here, at Craigslist. I’m counting 12 offers entered today.

And speaking of Craigslist…

It’s been a long time since we’ve visited Missed Connections here on Austin Eavesdropper, hasn’t it? I was at the Statesman Tweetup earlier tonight, and someone asked me if I actually eavesdropped on people. It made me miss my old friends on Missed Connections, that hopeful, oh-so-wistful slice of local internet users who just want to reconnect. “Oh, if only that ice cream server at Amy’s knew how I really felt.” “Hey, I Heart Video guy, did we, like, totally exchange meaningful glances today?” “Hey hot chik in rd car at Lamar & 6th stoplite u want to get 2gether???”

Let’s see what Missed Connections we may or may not be making today. Here’s a post that is quite poetically titled: it is called, “the vast blue ocean – 45:”

“It’s funny to me that with all of the research done on my background by the both you, ya’ll (Yee-Haw!) still only a small fraction(10%) of me without knowing who I am truly am and I am misunderstood completely by everyone. So I am going to shed some light since my greatest strength is remain a introvert….”

Listen up ladies: You may think you know this guy, but you only know 10%. For example, did you know he prefers DIFFERENT varieties of mustard for DIFFERENT moods?

“If I am in a sense of sophistication,then, I like Brown Yellow Mustard on the top bread, Organic Tomatoes, Miracle Whip on the bottom, Lettuce, Bacon, Pepperjack Chesse and finally a little bit of Thousand Island Dressing.

If I am in a sense of normacy, then, I like French’s Regular Yellow Mustard on the bottom, Roma Tomatoes, Miracle Whip on the top, Lettuce, and American cheese(shredded).

If am in sense of raunchiness, then, I like Hill Country Yellow Mustard and Mayo on the top and bottom mixed together(but one has to spread one condiment first, then, wash it off with soap, and then use the other since I don’t like getting the condiments in each other jars),and lettuce. “

Are you dying right now? I’m dying. Don’t you love that the tantalizing combination of Hill Country Yellow Mustard + Mayo = “raunchiness??” (But seriously – wash off the mustard knife before dipping it into the mayo jar. Let’s not be savages).

This next post is innocuous-sounding enough – “Professional burnette at Half-Price Books – m4w – 42 (Austin)” – right? But here is the post, in its entirety. It begins with the word “and:”

“And that hourglass magnificent awe-shocking frame(especially those defined thighs) that gravitates me like the aroma of freshly baked homemade chocolate-chip cookies when I come walking into the door. It makes me feel elated.”

I bet you didn’t see that coming? Peas and carrots, apples and oranges, thighs and cookies. Facts of life, people.

There are more – oh, so many more glorious Missed Connections! – but I’ll let you go explore the generous bounty for yourself.