Craft Appreciation Friday

Do you know what I want to be? A member of Austin Etsy.

Whenever summer rolls around, I start itching to get my craft on. Know what I’m sayin’? This city is chock full of really talented, nationally-known DIY fiends, from Austin Craft Mafia to Naughty Secretary Club. Austin Etsy is a relatively new little camp of local crafters, and I pop over to their blog from time to time to see what pretty wares they’re hawking.

From A Little Bit of Somethin:

From Paired Hearts:

From PolishedTwo:

Nom nom nom! I want it all!!!

So ever since my awesome sister-in-law Jen gave me The Big-Ass Book of Crafts for Christmas, I’ve been doing the craft thing a little more regularly. I made these plates for one of my friends who got married last month, and because I’m kind of a horrible person they are still waiting to be shipped:

You actually can eat off of these plates, but they have yet to be tested in a dishwashing machine…so probably safer just to hang on the wall I’m thinking.

Anyway, I don’t have an Etsy store yet for these guys, but I’m thinking about it so I have an excuse to make more of these plates. Have any of you started up your very own Etsy store? If so, was it hard?