Cinco de Mayo!

It’s Cinco de Mayo, everybody!

There are three fun things happening today, although I’m sure these aren’t the only three. This first one is actually an event later this month – Pachanga Latino Music Festival – but special, reduced-price tickets are on sale TODAY! Get them here.

This festival is happening at Fiesta Gardens, and call me sentimental, but anything with the word “fiesta” in it just warms my little San Antonio heart. I was having a discussion with someone last week about how gaudily WONDERFUL Fiesta is. I love Austin to pieces, but sorry ATX – San Antonio has you beat on the parade front. I wish this city had more parades. Why? Well, if we did, we might be so fortunate as to greet members of Fiesta “royalty.” Are you all familiar with the Fiesta king/queen/dukes/etc? No…?

Ok – get ready. Here are some sample Fiesta royalty titles I’ve plucked randomly from Google, and I think you’ll agree that the duchess titles are the flat-out BEST: you’ve got the Duchess of Napoleonic Grandeur, the Duchess of Egyptian Treasures, the Duchess of the Court of HOVERING BUTTERFLIES. Yes!!

Anyway, ahem – pardon the tangent. I just want to wrap my arms around the Fiesta person who invented these titles, and never let go.

Back to Pachanga: David Garza, Brownout, El Tule, Charanga Cakewalk – all totally fun artists that you will heart. Go buy your tickets.

Tonight, there is also:

I’m not exactly sure how a “listening evening” is conducted, but I think it’s a cool concept! I do enjoy St. Vincent, her quasi-housy sound and her pretty, pretty vocals. She’s coming to Mohawk June 19. Camera Obscura I am still a bit new to, but they are coming to Antone’s June 15.

And as we mentioned last weekend, there is the Downtown Block Party!

Finally, if you’re looking for the best local margaritas, just consult the list on Austin is Burning. Or, head straight to El Chile, and order an Austin Eavesdropper-endorsed chilango margarita.