WINNERS: Sunday Fair tickets, Texas Hill Country Wine and Food Festival

Drumroll, please!

Here are the four winners….

1.KWay said…

Target boxed wines are actually sort of awesome for their price point (particularly the white sangria). And they also have a really tasty Riesling called Polka Dot. It comes in a cute blue bottle. For only about $10!

2.lazysmurf said…

My favorite vineyard is Snoqualmie and I often get their wines because I used to live up near there and I was in love with Snoqualmie Falls, it is where Twin Peaks was filmed! So I guess it is a silly reason to have a favorite, but when I see them I usually buy them because I love the place.

3.Alexandra Richmond said…

At Wheatsville or Sun Harvest, I like the French table white, Rene Junot!
At HEB, I get Frey organic red!
And when at Whole Foods, I try to buy TEXAN wines (hiyoo), like the McPherson Voigner 2007, and the Texas Hills Orange Moscato 2005.

P.S., all of these wines are under $20 – the first two I mentioned under $10!

4. said…

My favorite is the Italian Gianni Gagliardo’s Falleggo (in the bottle with no label and the red wax stamp.) It’s awesome and perfect for summer time.
I love the Food & Wine fest! My parents come in town every year and we make a day of the Sunday fair!

Now WINNERS (back to me here), please send me an email (address is on the right sidebar) to claim your prize.