I think it’s going to be a dance party weekend.


Terp 2 It, i.e. my buddy Chris Trew, will be playing at this tonight, and we all know how fun Baby Got Bacteria is. I’m a big fan of Foot Patrol‘s “love ballad,” Such a Pity. Go listen and giggle.

Since bidding adieu to The Famousish, Doneski has been filling his bill with fun DJ gigs, like this one: VEGA‘s EP release! Synth-pop, anyone?


First we have a pizza eating contest at Pizza Guys, and the winner gets cash money!

$500, to be specific. (Which you can then put toward your first month of Jenny Craig). Go sign up here.

I am way late in posting this next event; so late in fact, that RSVP’s are now CLOSED. Fail, self, fail. Maybe you can still sneak in though, or convince a friend to make you their +1.

I love Do512 events, because there is always complimentary Tito’s and Sweet Leaf. Mixed together to make “TeaTinis,” if you will. (I don’t know if that’s what they call them but I think it sounds pretty cute).

We also have the hippest Austin City Council rally event, perhaps ever:

Right, an 8-band billing for a local election rally. With really cool bands, too! If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you’re familiar with Tiffanie Lanmon, the drummer in Follow That Bird! The first night we met, we declared ourselves the Authorities On Taste (yes, while clinking plastic cups) and drew up a list of “deal breakers.” While the details are fuzzy, some pillars of truth remain: tribal tattoos, wearing of shades indoors, Precious Moments, displaying of brand names on ass, and Crocs; inexcusable, all. Which is sad because the man I’m in love with breaks that last deal every single day. Proving once again that love is blind, even to Crocs.

Another Beauty Bar dance party:


I’m trying to find out some more details on this one, because it looks fun. But what would you wear to this, exactly? What were you wearing in the 8th grade? As for me, I remember feeling pretty HAWT in high-waisted denim shorts with daisies printed on them, topped off with:

A sleeveless button-up denim shirt from the Gap,
A braided leather belt,

Wait for it…………

Matching daisy socks. This, at 14.

Such a terrific nerd.