Getting dressed in the 17th century was a production, no?

That is some work. I mean, look at the guy on the right. He’s ashamed to be seen with his date, because she isn’t wearing a gigantic plumed hat. He’s all, “seriously? This is bullsh-t.”

Anyway, tomorrow night, we’ll be visiting the 17th century, right here in 21st century Austin. It’s for a multimedia art show called “Finery: Experiments in Porcelain and Silk.”


Friday, April 17th at 7pm

208 Colorado St.

Austin, TX 78701

Admission: Free

Here are some words from the event press release:

“During the Depression 60-70 million Americans flooded movie theaters each week for an hour and a half escape into a fantasyland of luxury, melodrama, and sexuality. Kathleen Rabe, Rachel Fields, and Christina Shaffell have created a new fantasy world of feminine escapism in which simple materials are manipulated to create an indulgent textural affair.

On Friday, April 17th, ceramicist Kathleen Rabe, designer Rachel Fields, and photographer Christina Shaffell present Finery, a multimedia art show. Fashions inspired by 17th century Palace couture and fabric manipulation techniques will be on display along with large-scale photography.”