F– this, I’m selling crepes.

Can I be real with you guys for just one second? I’ve been interviewing all these downtown food street vendors for a Rare story – Marc Roppolo of Roppolos Pizza, the Kebabalicious guys, etc. – and it’s kind of making me want to chuck all and start a cookie business out of a trailer, or something. It’s such an Austin way of life.

How cute is this? I think I could really get behind coming to work each day in my little pink trailer. Make crepes for the masses. Even cooler if Bobby Flay decided he wanted to feature me on his show, like he did with the Flip Happy girls.

The refrain I here over and over again from these street vendors is that they were somewhere else in the world – in Flip Happy’s case, Paris – and tasted the most delicious ____ (insert street vendor cuisine of choice here). They stopped whatever they had previously been doing professionally – did you know Marc Roppolo used to be a personal trainer in New York? – and said (in so many words), “fuck this, I’m selling crepes.”

What would you sell out of a trailer, given the chance?